New way of standing – is it still me?

girl-1-clipartIt is funny where our sense of self resides. In our stance, for one thing.

Standing with my weight more on my heels than usual, and with my chest a bit more open to the starlight (well, yes, that is how it feels to me, to stand that way, and I suddenly become conscious that the stars are up there, even during the day when they are overwhelmed by the sun.) feels quite nice, but it does not feel like ME. I can’t do that, I think, it wouldn’t be honest. I would be pretending to be someone else.


So I experimented with using this different weight carriage in karate, where I have the chance to be thinking about movement. The effectiveness of it was pretty stunning. It felt really good to move from there, even though I had to keep renewing it, consciously.

My karate teacher noticed very clearly, although he didn’t pin down what I was doing differently. So that evening I got put into the sparring group with the hot young 20 somethings and consequently got my hand whomped by hard blocks and the whole thing swelled up and I had to ice it. This counts as success in karate terms, it means I was being taken seriously enough to be blocked seriously.

One of the feelings I have about that different stance is that it is me pretending to be more powerful than I really am, and apparently that is quite literally true. It is a more powerful stance and I am not used to handling the response it evokes in other people, but I suppose I could grow into it.

I shall have to experiment with it in other contexts. Few contexts provide such immediate and clear feed back as that, but I believe that body language is structuring our interactions all the time,

So if you stand differently, not only are you giving yourself a different set of habitual emotional messages, you are communicating differently to other people. Someone said “Your body is your subconscious.”

– Submitted by B.J.

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