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Five Techniques to End Muscle Pain: A Guide for Desk Workers

Being able to work steadily, in comfort and without pain or injury is an important key to being productive.

When we are really wired into our project we can accomplish so much —

but physical strain and injury may derail our best mental and creative efforts.

Find out how to end pain and strain when working at the desk or computer.

I’ve put together a free five-part e-course that teaches how to prevent pain, tension, and injury that comes from working at a desk, from back and neck pain to disabling RSIs.

Knowledge workers, data processors, anyone with a job that requires long hours sitting at a desk … are all susceptible to strain and injuries resulting from inefficient ways of using themselves.

In my online learning series, you will learn five simple interventions that you can do on your own to make your time at a desk… more comfortable, free of physical stress, and productive

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You will receive a new lesson in your email every 4-5 days or so. That gives you time to implement the previous lesson and evaluate its effects.

Each lesson teaches you a simple technique that you can do on your own. The techniques are not stretches or exercises, but simple procedures that enable you to intervene in problems arising from posture, misdirected effort, and unconscious tension patterns that you can control.

These lessons also provide a basic learn-by-doing introduction to the Alexander Technique.