Erika Whittaker

Erika Whittaker talks about learning Alexander Technique from F.M. Alexander starting in the late 1920s.

Video: (BMJ) Introduction to the Alexander Technique

This video was made to accompany an article on the Alexander Technique published in the British Medical Journal. In the video, Alexander teachers and their patients talk about the kinds of problems they had to start with before the study, and the value of the Alexander Technique for their recovery from injury, particularly from back […]

Video: Head, Neck, and Back Pattern

Eileen Troberman uses her forearm to demonstrate what happens when we unconsciously tighten the neck to pull the head back and down. She also demonstrates what happens when we stop pulling the head back and down — the head just pops back up.

Video: Using The Arms With Ease and Effectiveness

Eileen Troberman discusses arm movement in a lesson with a student. She uses a model skeleton to show how the arm is attached, and to help the student visualize the possible range of movement of the arm. via YouTube – Using The Arms With Ease and Effectiveness.

Video: Sitting Comfortably Erect

YouTube – Sitting Comfortably Erect. San Diego Alexander Technique teacher, Eileen Troberman, explains the the role of the sit bones and tail bone during sitting, and what happens to muscles when sitting upright versus sitting back.

Video: Introduction to the Alexander Technique: Marjorie Barstow

Profile of Marjorie Barstow This video was made in 1982 – Marj was 83 years old. She talks about her introduction to the Alexander Technique, and to F. Matthias Alexander. (Marj Barstow was the first graduate of Alexander’s teacher training program.) In this video she provides some good explanations of the Alexander Technique. YouTube – […]