Better Breathing through Alexander Technique

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Here is another NPR story on Alexander Technique.

This time it’s about breathing.

An opera singer was listening to what her voice teachers had told her, but she felt tied up, and unable to let go.

Alexander Technique enabled her to relax and improve her breath capacity and voice production.



Alexandra Phillips [is] an opera singer, and breath is critical to her performance. But, she says, a few years ago she was thinking about breath too much and getting all tangled up.

“If I’m telling myself be tall, stand straight, take a deep breath,” says Phillips, “it translates to me as tension.”

Phillips says she realized she was almost trying too hard. She sensed a lot of constriction in her throat, which inhibited her breath.

“So much of what my teachers were telling me was ‘let go,’ ” says Phillips. And she recalls thinking, “Well, what the heck does that mean?”


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