All the ergonomic chairs and keyboards in the world won’t relieve work-induced injury if you can’t find a way to stop your own bad habits.

Do you spend hours a day working at a desk?

If yes, I imagine that it involves a computer at least part of the time.

When you get up from your desk with pain in the back, neck, shoulders, or arms….

You probably GO HOME with those pains.

And you may even COME BACK TO WORK with the same pain and stiffness.

If your tension and muscle soreness is caused by sitting at a desk, and you haven’t found a way out of the problem, TRY MY COURSE: “Ergonomics for Desk Workers”

What the Course will Cover

In this course I will teach several simple psycho-physical techniques that you can use at home and at work, to prevent strain and easily find a better posture for sitting at a desk.

  • I will explain how patterns in the way we use our bodies – patterns which are usually unconscious – contribute to strain and inefficient movement.
  • You will learn how to get out of these patterns  – not by forcing yourself into a “correct” posture – but by letting go of involuntary and unnecessary tension. (Yes, anyone can learn to let go of involuntary tension.)
  • You will learn a method for releasing tightness in the neck, back, arms, and shoulders. Tightness that can cause strain on muscle fibers and tendons.
  • I will show you mechanically effective ways to sit, and “bad” ways to sit.
  • You will learn how to find an easy position of mechanical advantage whether sitting or standing.
  • You will also learn a good way to bend and pick things up that protects your back from strain.

This group course is also a good way to find out more about the Alexander Technique.

If you have wondered what the Alexander Technique is and what it can do for you, this four-week session is an easy, and relatively inexpensive, introduction.

The class size will be limited to a maximum of five people, so that I can focus attention on individual problems and give hands-on guidance.

A part of each class will involve getting in and out of a chair, sitting in a chair, and sitting at a desk. Another part of the class will involve lying on your back, on a yoga mat or massage table, and learning how to ease back tension for yourself.

Dates and Times

Since it’s a small class, I have some ability to be flexible about the times. But at the moment I am looking at starting the classes in April 2011, on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

I will take requests to join, and when we have enough people, and a mutually agreed time, we’ll start.


Classes will be held in my private teaching studio in downtown Champaign.

Studio X
32 E. Chester St. #B
Champaign, IL

Contact Me to Register and Get More Info

To join the class and to inquire about more details, just give me a call or send an email.

Click here for my contact page.

Joe Grohens